African Wildlife Miniatures

A little while ago I had the chance to speak with Edward Selfe about the Photographic Wildlife Safari’s he conducts in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia. I have loved his photographic work since we started printing for him at our Towngate Publications print room and after some time I felt I wanted ot paint some of the amazing animals he has photographed.

I was overjoyed when Edward gave me permission to use his images for a series of 65mm miniature portrait paintings in my watercolour style.

This series will grow in time but here is the first twelve I’ve completed.

African Wildlife Paintings framed in 24ct gold plated frames just £300 each

Titles from left to right.

Top Row: Regal, Giraffe – Snarling, Leopard – Wary, Impala.

Second Row: Alert, Leopard – Thoughtful Silver Back Gorilla – Old Tusker, Elephant

Third Row: Charging, Hippo – Inquisitive, Painted Dog – Majestic, Lion

Bottom Row: Staring, Leopard – Innocent, Yellow Baboon – Patient, Zebra

Should you wish to purchase any of my paintings, or commission me to paint a personal favourite of your own, please contact me through my contacts page.